To impart and assure quality education in teachers training courses, marked and defined by value-education, global outlook, and interdisciplinary.


  To evolve and implement the programs of teachers' education that would provide education and training to prospective teachers aiming at the development of new integral approach of teaching.

  To train prospective teachers based on advance curriculum with intellectual ideas and traditions from the Ancient and Modern practices.

  To equip teachers with the competencies and potentials to meet the requisites to deal with the issue and challenges of 21st century. 

  To impart training that enables the prospective teachers to see the present world in the new light of human values.

  To promote the indigenous tradition of teacher-student relationship (Guru-Shishya parampara) in various fields of humanities, arts, crafts, sciences and yoga (psychological and physical education).

  To promote national and international cooperation in teachers' education as also in the development of teaching-learning material through online programs, documentaries, musical and dramatic programs and films.

  To undertake, conduct and promote any program that will enhance the highest aims of pedagogy and synthesis of knowledge-systems and internationalism.

  To foster the highest aims of education, integration of body, mind and soul, the self actualization.

  To introduce and nurture innovations in the education system so as to reflect India's spiritual knowledge, robust intellectuality and inexhaustible creativity.