Teaching is not only dynamic process but it is multi dimensional also. When teacher teaches he aims at all round development of the children. It also includes physical development. As it is said ‘sound mind lies in a sound body’ without physical health it is almost impossible to have mental health. Without proper physical and mental health one can not achieve any academic goal.

Therefore, to train the teacher trainees in the fields of physical education and health, a health and physical education centre has been set up. In this field teacher trainees learn about human anatomy, physical exercises, various yoga, nutrition etc. a well trained instructor is also engaged to guide them.

Various games and sports activities are organized at the school and college levels. Teachers must be familiar with different games, their rules and code of conduct. Therefore, teacher trainees are availed the opportunities to participate in such activities

Facilities available in the centre

S.No Name of sports accessories
1 Batting Pad
2 Keeping Pad
3 Bat
4 Keeping Gloves
5 Batting Gloves
6 Stump Set
7 Leather Ball
8 Balance
9 Tennis Ball
10 Guard
11 Football
12 Basketball
13 Handball
14 Volley Ball
15 Yoga net
16 Chess Set
17 Badminton Set
18 Badminton Cock
19 Whistle
20 Stop Watch
21 Carom Set
22 Sticker Set
S.No Name of fitness facilities
1 Pump
2 Weight Machine
3 Treadmill
4 Dumbbell